Magento Cloud Components release notes

The Magento Cloud Components package provides extended Magento Commerce core functionality for sites deployed on the Cloud platform. This package is a dependency for the ece-tools package. These release notes describe the latest improvements to this package, which is a component of Magento Commerce Cloud Suite.

The magento-cloud-components package uses the following version sequence: <major>.<minor>.<patch>.


  • Extended the functionality of the WARM_UP_PAGES environment variable to support cache preloading for specific product pages. See the post-deploy variables topic for a detailed feature description.

  • Fixed an issue where an invalid store URL causes the post-deploy hook to fail when using the WARM_UP_PAGES functionality to populate the cache. This issue occurred only when URL rewrites were disabled.


  • Fixed an issue affecting WARM_UP_PAGES functionality that uses a default store URL. Now, if the config:show:default-url command cannot fetch a base URL, then the URL from the MAGENTO_CLOUD_ROUTES variable is used.


This is the first release of the magento/magento-cloud-components package, which is a new dependency for ece-tools package version 2002.0.20 and later.

  • Added the capability to use regex patterns to configure the WARM_UP_PAGES environment variable to cache single pages, multiple domains, and multiple pages. See Post-deploy variables.