Manage cron jobs

The Cron container runs the scheduled cron jobs automatically based on the cron configuration defined in the crons property of the file, and any custom configuration specified in the docker-compose-override.yml file.

Magento Commerce Cloud includes a default cron configuration, which can be further customized in the file. See Set up cron jobs. You can also use the docker-compose-override.yml file to customize the Cron container configuration for Docker without updating the environment configuration for the Magento Commerce Cloud project. The custom settings are applied during the build and deploy process.

The Magento cron implementation has the following limitations:

  • The setup:cron:run and cron:update commands are not available on Cloud and Docker for Cloud environments
  • In the Docker environment, cron works only with the CLI container to run the ./bin/magento cron:run command

To improve the overall performance in the Docker development and production environments, the Cron container is not present by default. You can add the --with-cron option to the ece-tools docker:build command to enable the Cron container as needed.

./vendor/bin/ece-docker build:compose --mode="developer" --with-cron --sync-engine="mutagen"

To view the cron log:

docker-compose run deploy bash -c "cat /app/var/cron.log"

To run cron jobs manually:

docker-compose run cron /usr/local/bin/php bin/magento cron:run