Optimize cloud deployment

Site performance can suffer during the deployment process. The length of time a site is in maintenance mode when deploying to a production site depends on many factors, such as environment configuration and the amount of content a site contains. The first best practice for optimizing your Cloud deployment is to upgrade to use ece-tools to benefit from the package features, such as commands to create a backup of the database and verify environment configuration.

The following topics can help you to better understand how to optimize the deployment process:

  • Cloud deployment process There are three phases in the Cloud deployment process, and you can use the strengths and weaknesses of each phase to your advantage.

  • Zero downtime deployment Understand what happens during deployment and how to reduce the amount of downtime your store experiences during an update to the Production environment.

  • Static content deployment The best way to optimize your Cloud deployment is to control how and when to generate static content.

  • Smart wizards The ece-tools package provides the smart wizard commands to quickly evaluate your project configuration.