Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting functionality is provided through integration of a Magento instance with the Magento Business Intelligence (MBI). Magento collects data and sends this information to the MBI for analytics.


  1. The website must run on a public web server.
  2. The domain must have a valid security (SSL) certificate.
  3. Magento must have been installed or upgraded successfully without error.
  4. In the Magento configuration, the Base URL (Secure) setting for the store view must point to the secure URL. For example
  5. In the Magento configuration, Use Secure URLs on Storefront, and Use Secure URLs in Admin must be set to Yes.
  6. Make sure that Magento crontab is created and cron jobs are running on the installed server.

The merchant can now click on the Go to Advanced Reporting button on the Admin dashboard to launch the advanced reporting features at

The first synchronization of a Magento instance and the MBI can take up to a day to complete after the successful subscription.


To avoid system overload during its prime time, you can set the preferable time of a day for a data collection.


Though the Analytics module provides an API, it is used specifically to interchange data with the MBI. We do not recommend to extend the advanced reporting functionality in this version.

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