ECE-Tools release notes

The ece-tools package is a set of scripts and tools designed to manage and deploy Cloud projects. These release notes describe the latest improvements to this package, which is part of the Magento Commerce Cloud Suite. The release notes include:

  • New features
  • Fixes and improvements

The ece-tools package uses the following release versioning sequence: 200<major>.<minor>.<patch>.

See Upgrades and patches for information about updating to the latest release of the ece-tools package.


  • Infrastructure updates

    • Added separate package for Magento Cloud Docker–Decoupled the Docker package from the ece-tools package to maintain code quality and provide independent releases. Updates and fixes related to ece-tools are managed from the magento-cloud-docker GitHub repository.

    • Updated patching capabilities–Moved the Magento patching functionality from the ece-tools package to a separate magento-cloud-patches package. During deployment, ece-tools uses the new package to apply patches. See Magento Cloud patches release notes.

    • Updated Composer dependencies–Updated the composer.json file for Magento Commerce Cloud with a dependency for the magento-cloud-docker package. Now, ece-tools includes dependencies for all components in the Magento Commerce Cloud Suite. These packages are installed and updated automatically when you install or update ece-tools.

  • Support for scenario-based deployments

    • Now you can customize the build, deploy, and post-deploy processes using XML configuration files to override or customize the default configuration.

    • Changed the hooks configuration in–We updated the hooks configuration format to support scenario-based deployments. The legacy format from earlier ece-tools 2002.0.x release is still supported. However, you must update to the new format to use the scenario-based deployment feature. See Scenario-based deployments.

    Before updating to ece-tools version 2002.1.0, review the backward incompatible changes to learn about changes that might require you to update Magento Commerce Cloud project configuration or processes.

  • Services updates

    • Added support for PHP 7.3.

    • Added support for RabbitMQ 3.8.

    • Added validation to check installed service versions against the EOL date for each service. Now, customers receive a notification if a service version is within three months of the EOL date, and a warning if the EOL date is in the past.

    • Fixed an Elasticsearch configuration issue to ensure that the correct Elasticsearch settings are configured in all environments.

    See Service versions for a list of services used in Magento Commerce Cloud and their version compatibility with the Magento Cloud template.

  • Environment variable updates

    • Extended the functionality of the WARM_UP_PAGES environment variable to support cache preloading for specific product pages. See the expanded definition in the post-deploy variables topic.

    • Added the ERROR_REPORT_DIR_NESTING_LEVEL environment variable to simplify error report data management in the <magento_root>/var/report/ directory. See the variable description in the build variables topic.

    • Removed the SCD_EXCLUDE_THEMES, STATIC_CONTENT_THREADS,DO_DEPLOY_STATIC_CONTENT, SKIP_SCD, and STATIC_CONTENT_SYMLINK environment variables. See Backward incompatible changes.

    • Fixed an issue in the Elastic Suite configuration process so that the default configuration is overwritten as expected when you configure the ELASTICSUITE_CONFIGURATION deploy variable without the _merge option.

  • CLI command updates

    • New cron command–You can now manually manage cron processing in your Magento Commerce Cloud environment using the cron:disable and cron:enable commands. Use the disable command to stop all active cron processes and disable all Magento cron jobs. Use the enable command to re-enable cron jobs when you are ready. See Disable cron jobs.

    • Improved error reporting–Added better logging for Magento CLI command failures that occur during ece-tools processing.

    • Remove deprecated build commands– Removed the following build commands: m2-ece-build, m2-ece-deploy, m2-ece-scd-dump, and renamed ece-tools docker commands to ece-docker. See Backward incompatible changes

  • Removed the deprecated build_options.ini file and added validation to fail the build if the file exists. Use the .magento.env.yaml file to configure build options.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the build process to fail when the config.php file is empty.

Older releases

See the release notes archive for version 2002.0.22 and earlier.