We merged vendor/magento/ece-patches with vendor/magento/ece-tools v2002.0.8. You no longer need to update the vendor/magento/ece-patches package separately.

This package contains patch files that are specific to Magento Commerce Cloud. Patches are separate from tools, allowing you to apply patch updates without requiring a full upgrade and install of all Magento Commerce Cloud code. Using composer update automatically runs tools to check for available patches and to run them with build and deploy scripts.

Versions are specified as 10<major>.<minor>.<patch>.

These updates strictly contain improvements to Magento Commerce Cloud. Patches are available in the vendor/magento/ece-patches folder. To check for available patches, you can check in the vendor/magento/ece-patches folder.


Fixed issues

  • We fixed an issue preventing you from exporting the configuration files using app:config:dump more than once.

  • We fixed a Redis session locking issue that caused an Admin login delay.


Fixed issues

We fixed an implementation issue related to versioning in ece-patches that was causing a conflict with other Composer-based patching modules.


New features

We implemented smart patching. Now the package applies patches based not on Magento Commerce Cloud version, but on patched package version.

Fixed issues

We fixed an issue that was causing PHP memory issues during import.


New features

Implemented version-based patching. Now the package is compatible with Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2.0 and higher.

Fixed issues

  • Removed patch; fixing bug in colinmollenhour/credis v1.6 to enable support for Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2.1.


This package is no longer compatible with other versions of Magento Commerce Cloud and should not be used.

Initial release

Initial release of ece-tools for Magento Commerce Cloud 2.2.0.