Export the configuration

In Magento 2.2 and later pipeline deployment model, you can maintain a consistent configuration across systems. After you configure settings in the Magento Admin on your development system, export those settings to configuration files using the following command:

bin/magento app:config:dump {config-types}

config_types is a space-separated list of config types to dump. Available types include themes and scopes. If no config types are specified, the command dumps all system configuration information.

The following example dumps scopes and themes only:

bin/magento app:config:dump scopes themes

As a result of the command execution, the following configuration files are updated:


This is the shared configuration file for all your Magento instances. Include this in your source control so it can be shared between the development, build, and production systems.

See: config.php reference


This is the environment-specific configuration file. It contains sensitive and system-specific settings for individual environments.

Do not include this file in source control.

See: env.php reference

Sensitive or system-specific settings

To set the sensitive settings written to env.php, use the bin/magento config:sensitive:set command.

Configuration values are specified as either sensitive or system-specific by referencing Magento\Config\Model\Config\TypePool in the module’s di.xml file.

To export additional system settings when using config_types, consider using the bin/magento config:set command.