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Verify split databases

After configuration, the master databases are configured as follows:

  • Main magento database: 369 tables
  • Magento quote database: 11 tables
  • Magento sales database: 55 tables

To verify your split databases are working properly, perform the following tasks and verify that data is added to the database tables using a database tool like phpmyadmin:

What to verify How to verify
quote database is working Add items to a cart. Verify that rows have been added to your quote database's quote, quote_address, and quote_item tables.
sales database is working Complete an order (any payment method, including check/money order). Verify that rows have been added to your sales database's sales_order_address, sales_order_item, and sales_order_payment tables.

You must back up the two additional database instances manually. Magento backs up only the main database instance. The magento setup:backup --db command and Magento Admin options do not back up the additional tables.

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