Run unit tests

In addition to the command arguments described in this topic, see Common arguments.

Run all Magento CLI commands as the Magento file system owner.

Overview of tests

This command runs a set of tests defined in the Magento 2 code base. You can either run all tests or tests you select. Whenever an unsupported type is specified, the program terminates and lists all available types. Following execution, a detailed report displays showing the test run and results.


Before you run this command, all of the following must be true:

  • The Magento_Developer module must be enabled. You can enable it as follows:

     bin/magento module:enable [--force] Magento_Developer

    Use the --force option only if it’s necessary.

  • Your system must be set up to run the desired tests.

For example, to run integration tests, you should copy dev/tests/integration/etc/install-config-mysql.php.dist to dev/tests/integration/etc/install-config-mysql.php and modify it to suit your environment.

Running tests

Command usage:

bin/magento dev:tests:run <test>

To list the available test types:

bin/magento dev:tests:run --help

This gives you a list similar to the following:

all, unit, integration, integration-all, static, static-all, integrity, legacy, default

For example, to run integration tests:

bin/magento dev:tests:run integration