Development System Setup

You can have any number of development systems, provided the following is true of all of them:

  • They all run Magento 2.2 or later
  • All Magento code is under source control in the same repository as the build and production systems
  • Each development system should use either default mode or developer mode
  • It has Magento file system ownership and permissions set as discussed in Prerequisite for your development, build, and production systems.
  • Make sure all of the following are excluded from source control:

    • vendor directory (and subdirectories)
    • generated directory (and subdirectories)
    • pub/static directory (and subdirectories)
    • app/etc/env.php file
  • Make sure app/etc/config.php is included in source control

If you use Git, Magento’s .gitignore provides most of the preceding. See the .gitignore reference for more information.

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