Start the Module Manager

Start the Module Manager from the Magento Admin

To run the Module Manager:

  1. Log in to the Magento Admin as an administrator.
  2. Click System > Web Setup Wizard.
  3. Click Module Manager.

To upgrade Magento system software instead, see Run System Upgrade.

See one of the following sections:

About the Module Manager

The Module Manager displays a list of currently installed modules. You can either disable a module that’s currently enabled or you can enable a module that’s currently disabled.

Enabled and disabled modules

A green icon means that the module is enabled Green, which means the module is enabled.

A red icon means the module is disabled Red, which means the module is disabled.

Use pagination controls

To control the number of modules that display at a time, you can:

Specify number of items to display on page Specify the number of items to display on a page.

Move back and forward or specify a page number From left to right, move back one page, go to a specific page, or move forward one page.

Display module dependencies

Any module that depends on other modules displays as follows:

Module that depends on other modules

When you expand it, you see the modules it depends on; an example follows:

To disable such a module, you must first disable all dependent modules one at a time.

Enable or disable a module

This example shows how to disable a currently enabled module. You can use the same basic procedure to enable a disabled module.

To disable a module:

  1. Click Disable from the Action column, as the following figure shows.

    Disable a module

  2. Continue with Step 1. Readiness check.