Step 1. Readiness check

Step 1: Readiness check

The readiness check makes sure your server and environment are set up correctly for enabling or disabling modules. In the event of errors, you can consult troubleshooting suggestions in this guide.

To start, click either Start Readiness Check or Next. A sample follows.

The readiness check enables you to find out if your server and environment are ready to proceed

After the readiness check completes, see one of the following:

Readiness check success

The following figure shows an example of a successful readiness check. If all tests passed, click Nextand continue with the next step.

If all readiness checks pass, click Next and continue with the next step

Readiness check failure

Messages similar to the following display if any readiness check fails.

You must resolve all readiness check failures before you continue

In the event of failure, see one of the following sections: