Component dependency readiness check issues

Resolve component dependency conflicts

We suggest you try the following solutions in the order shown:

Conflicting dependencies

The message We found conflicting component dependencies displays if Composer cannot determine which components to install or update. To resolve component dependency issues, you should be a technical person who thoroughly understands how Composer works.

Following is a sample failure message:

 We found conflicting component dependencies.
 You are trying to update package(s) magento/module-sample-data to 1.0.0-beta
 We've detected conflicts with the following packages:
 - magento/sample-data version 0.74.0-beta15. Please try to update it to one of the following package versions: 0.74.0-beta16, 0.74.0-beta14, 0.74.0-beta13, 0.74.0-beta12, 0.74.0-beta11, 0.74.0-beta10, 0.74.0-beta9, 0.74.0-beta8, 0.74.0-beta7

The message you see will likely be different.

Typically, component dependency conflicts result from someone manually editing the Magento 2 composer.json file. It can also be caused by third-party modules that depend on earlier Magento components than the ones you have installed.

In the preceding example, the installed package magento/sample-data version 0.74.0-beta15 cannot be upgraded to 1.0.0-beta. However, 0.74.0-beta15 can be upgraded to 0.74.0-beta16 (or others).

Edit composer.json to make any of these changes and try the readiness check again.

File system permissions issues

If the Magento file system owner doesn’t have permissions to write to directories on the Magento file system, a message similar to the following displays:

file_put_contents(/var/www/html/magento2/var/composer_home/cache/repo/https---$instantiator.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied

Make sure you set file system permissions as discussed in Overview of ownership and permissions.

The Component Dependency Check status never changes

In some cases, the status of the Component Dependency Check doesn’t change, even after you try to correct issues. In that case, you can either delete or rename files named <magento_root>/var/.update_cronjob_status and <magento_root>/var/.setup_cronjob_status and try running the Component Manager again.

Renaming or removing these files forces the Component Manager to run the checks again.