Configure a database and a database user

To configure a MySQL database and database user:

  1. In the Databases section, click MySQL Databases as the following figure shows.

    Start out creating a database

  2. In the New Database field, enter a unique name for your database and click Create Database.

    Create a database

  3. In the MySQL Users section, enter information in the provided fields and click Create User.

    Give the database user a strong password and write down the username and password you choose. You can optionally click Password Generator to create a strong password for you.

    Create a database user

  4. In the Add User to Database section, click the name of your Magento database and database user from the respective fields and click Add.

    Add the user to the database

    The Manage User Privileges page displays.

  5. Select the ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox at the top of the page and click Make Changes.

    Give the database user all privileges to the database

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