Step 6. Install

Step 6: Install

After completing all preceding steps in the Setup Wizard, click Install Now.

You have the following options:

  • To see installation progress or error details, click Console Log.
  • In the event of problems, click Previous to go back and fix incorrect entries.
  • To try the installation again in the event of failure, click Try Again.

Installation Success

The message Success displays to indicate a successful installation.

If the installation failed, click Previous to review the information you entered, make sure the Magento server and database host are still reachable.

You can also run the installer again.

Viewing the installation log

The Setup Wizard creates a log file, named install.log, that you might find useful in debugging issues or in verifying the actions performed by the wizard.

The Setup Wizard uses the sys_get_temp_dir ( void ) PHP call to determine where to write the installation log. To locate the log:

  1. Open php.ini in a text editor.

    If you don’t know where php.ini is located:

    1. Log in as or switch to the switch to the Magento file system owner.
    2. Create phpinfo.php in the web server’s docroot.
    3. Access phpinfo.php in a web browser.

    The location of php.ini is typically specified as Loaded Configuration File in the displayed results.

  2. Search for sys_temp_dir.

The value of sys_temp_dir determines where install.log is located. If the value is commented out, PHP uses that value as its default.

A typical default value is /tmp. If that’s the case, the log is /tmp/install.log.

Next step

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