Admin Headings and Organization

Use consistent heading structure and content prioritization to create a hierarchy for users to easily navigate Magento Admin.


Headings, or page titles, should concisely represent their content or purpose. More rules include the following:

  • Use title case correctly. See Title Case standards in Capitalization.

  • Exactly or closely match a link label that directs users to the page.

  • Utilize keywords when possible and appropriate, also indicating additional navigation cues for users.

  • Use simple, precise language and, as a guideline, stay within 50 characters, maximum.

  • Use no punctuation at the end of a heading except for a question mark, quotation mark, ellipsis, and closed parenthesis.

UI Content Organization

Consistency in content across UI elements helps users engage with Magento software. Uniformity sets expectations without forcing them to think about how why the same UI pattern is dissimilar in one place vs. another.

Areas to focus on consistency include:

  • Labels in data tables, buttons, and links

  • Page titles and headings – use their exact title and header names in link labels

  • Errors and messages

  • Instructional text

  • Task-flow steps

  • Support, help, and online feedback text