Admin Content Formats

For more specifics, use the Magento Glossary. If an item is not found, refer to the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook on first reference, and the Microsoft Manual of Style on second reference.


Avoid the following:

  • Abbreviations for months and URLs. For details, see the Dates section in Number Formats.

  • Non-English words and abbreviations. These are difficult to translate, and some users might be unfamiliar with them.

  • Latin abbreviations. Abbreviations like i.e., e.g., and etc., are not universally known and are often misunderstood.


When in doubt, spell it out. If there’s a chance a reader doesn’t know an abbreviation or acronym, use the full term on first reference.

  • Use all caps case.

  • First reference, spelled out. Spell out term and append acronym in parenthesis.
    Correct examples: content management system (CMS), Social Security Number (SSN)

  • Second reference format. Replace term and use only acronym.
    Correct example: “When you sign into the content management system (CMS), enter the new content into the CMS.”

  • First reference, acronym only. Some acronyms are used by themselves because they’re better-known than their spelled-out terms. These acronyms are used on first reference.
    Correct examples: DVD, ZIP Code, XML, API

File-Type Formats

  • Do not use a period or other punctuation before or after the file name.

    • No – “Pdf, Tiff, Html, Jpg, Css, Xml"
    • No – “.pdf, .tiff, .html, .jpg, xss, .xml"
    • Yes – “PDF, TIFF, HTML, JPG, CSS, XML”
  • Link format: Append the file type in parenthesis after the file name. For more details, see the [Labels Best Practices](/guides/v2.3/design-styleguide/buttons-and-links-usage/buttons-and-links-usage.html#labels-best-practices) section in Buttons and Links Usage.


For international formats, see Bitboost International Mailing Address Formats.

For United States, use these formats:

Basic International Basic +
Company Name
Basic +
Address Line 2
Ray Symmetry
1234 Barnacle Dr.
Enid, TX 73701
Ray Symmetry
1234 Barnacle Dr.
Enid, TX 73701
Ray Symmetry
Company Name
1234 S Barnacle Dr.
Enid, TX 73701
Ray Symmetry
1234 Barnacle Dr.
PO Box 1234
Enid, TX 73701


Use a bulleted list when a sentence includes a series or especially when it includes a series of complex phrases or clauses.

Breaking up items in a series into lists will enhance readability for Magento users and enable them to better scan and find information.

Use these rules for lists:

  • Introducing a list. All lists must be preceded by a lead-in heading, sentence or phrase, as follows:

    • A heading / title without punctuation

    • A sentence that ends in a colon or ellipsis

    • A phrase, or partial sentence, ending in a colon or ellipsis

  • Bullets vs. numbers. Use bullets for non-sequential lists and numbers for sequential lists or instructions.

  • Capitalization. Each item in a list should begin with a capitalized letter in the first word.

  • Periods. Use for items that are complete sentences, wholly contained within the bullet / number. Can be used for bold lead-in content. See examples below.

  • Parallelism. List elements should be constructed consistently. If the first item in a list is a noun, all items must be nouns. Similarly, if the first item is a sentence, all items must be sentences.