Admin Capitalization

Magento uses three different cases for content – sentence case, title case, and all-caps.

Use the following standards for usage and keep in mind a few key terms’ capitalization rules.

Sentence Case

Use as default content style, where a grammatically correct sentence starts with an initially capitalized word and ends with a punctuation mark. For exceptions, see Title-Case and All-Caps standards that follow.

Pay attention to common Magento terms – some may be mistaken for proper nouns.

However, many terms use lowercase including: merchant, developer, home page, static blocks, invoice, order, and panel.

Title Case

Use For …

  • Headings. See more Headings guidance.

  • Button labels and links. ONLY use title case when a link are used as a call to action. See more Buttons and Links Usage guidance.

Capitalize …

  • The first letter of the first and last words.
  • The second word of a compound, hyphenated word. Exception: When the first word in the hyphenation is not a prefix ... Prefix examples: anti-, pre-, post-

    • No – "Best-rated Platform Software"
    • Yes – "Best-Rated Platform Software"
    • No – "Post-Launch Instructions"
    • Yes – "Post-launch Instructions"
  • All verbs.
    • Capitalize even the little ones.
    • Correct examples: Is, Am, Are, Was, Were, Be, Being, and Been.
  • All parts of verbs. Includes prepositions, if they are part of phrasal verb ... Correct example: "Turn On"
    • Tip: if you emphasize the word when reading it aloud, then capitalize it."
    • Infinitives are not verbs: See infinitives guidance, jump to the “Do Not capitalize …” section.

    • No – “Turning Blocks on and off"
    • Yes – “Turning Blocks On and Off”
    • Yes – “Setting Up a Catalog”
    • Yes – “Turning On the Service”

Do Not Capitalize …

  • Words following prefixes. For guidance, jump to the “Capitalize … “section and find the prefixes and compound, hyphenated words guidance.
  • Articles. ... Correct examples: a, an, the
  • Conjunctions. ... Correct examples: and, but, for, or, nor
  • Prepositions of fewer than four letters. Includes the "to" in infinitives. See example:
    • No – “The Key To Customer Service In An Omnichannel World"
    • Yes – “The Key to Customer Service in an Omnichannel World”
  • Brand or company names that use a lowercase initial letter. ... Tip: Rephrase a heading or sentence to avoid starting with a lowercase letter. See example:
    • No – “EBay, IPod, IPhone"
    • Yes – “eBay, iPod, iPhone”

All Caps

Use only in and acronyms and address formats. For more details, see:

  • The Acronyms section in Content Formats.

  • The Address section in Number Formats.

Terms to Remember

Use capitalization standards, as specified in the Magento Glossary and Word Usage Bank, and focus on the following rules.

Capitalize …

  • Numbered items. Capitalize when referring to a numbered object. … Correct examples: Slide 5, Exercise 3, Table 4.2, Figure 9

  • Admin panel. Capitalize the word “Admin” in the term “Admin panel” — but panel remains lowercase.

  • UI names. Use initial caps, where the Magento Glossary and Word Usage Bank specify.

  • Lists’ first word, initial capped. See more “Lists” for guidance in Content Formats.

Do Not Capitalize …

  • Steps. Lowercase “page” or “step” when referring to pages in a document or steps in a procedure.

  • Global internet terms. … Correct examples: website, internet, online, email