Community contributed best practices

This section covers a broad scope of Community contributed best and leading practices, common solutions, and recommendations for Magento.

Topics and areas include:

  • Project setup
  • Theme development
  • Composer use and repos
  • Local environment options
  • And much more

Magento does not officially endorse these best practices. They are available in DevDocs because the content has been well received within the Magento community.

Magento approved best practices

The DevDocs and Magento teams verified and provide the following best practices and recommendations:

Want to contribute?

You can contribute by adding content and new topics through Pull Requests to the DevDocs repo. Save all files to the /community/resources directory. We can help add navigation and format content when reviewing your submitted PRs.

Some PRs may require architectural and internal development reviews to verify and approve the contributed best practices. These reviews may require more time to complete before merging content.

If you have any questions, contact us through #DevDocs Slack (or join us) or Twitter @MagentoDevDocs.