Contribute to Magento DevDocs

We encourage our users to add or correct Magento DevDoc content. Write a full topic, add a new section to an existing topic, or even just add a few sentences about something you know on an existing topic. Don’t worry about grammar or form; we can fix that for you!

Magento Devdocs site content is written in Markdown, and is kept in GitHub. If you know how to use GitHub, you can contribute to our docs.

Review the Table of Contents in the left pane of the Guide, and determine which topic areas you can contribute to, or any that might be missing.

To add to Magento Docs:

  • edit your local version of an existing file
  • use the generic template and write a brand new topic, we will find the right home for it in the appropriate Guide.
  • use an existing, empty template to write about a topic that we know we need, but haven’t yet gotten around to writing
  • Create a Pull Request to have your contribution reviewed by the DevDocs team.

Your contributions to Magento Docs informed by your experience with using Magento are highly valued and appreciated. Let us know if you have any questions!