Welcome! {#概述}

我们很高兴你打算考虑从Magento 1.X升级到Magento 2.我们也很兴奋地分享这个过程的细节,我们称之为迁移。


Magento 2迁移包含四个部分:数据、扩展和自定义代码、主题和自定义。

数据 {#迁移数据}

我们开发了 ““Magento 2数据迁移工具”“,以帮助您有效地迁移所有的产品、客户和订单数据、存储配置、促销等。本手册提供了关于使用该工具迁移数据的工具和最佳实现的方法和信息。

扩展和自定义代码 {#迁移代码}

We’ve been working hard with the development community to help you use your Magento 1 extensions in Magento 2. Now we’re proud to present the Magento Marketplace, where you can download or purchase the latest versions of your favourite extensions.

Also, we have developed the Code Migration Toolkit, which will help to port your extensions and custom code to Magento 2, significantly reducing your efforts.

More information on developing extensions for Magento 2 is available in the PHP Developer Guide.

模板主题 {#迁移模板主题}

Magento 2 uses new approaches and technologies that give merchants an unmatched ability to create innovative shopping experiences and scale to new levels. To take advantage of these advances, developers will need to make changes to their themes and customizations. Documentation is available online for creating Magento 2 themes, layouts, and customizations.

迁移工作 {#迁移工作}

Just like an upgrade between 1.x versions (for example, from v1.12 to v1.14), the level of effort to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2 depends upon how you have built your site and its level of customization. Initial estimates indicate that an average Magento 2 migration is only about 20% larger than a Magento 1.x upgrade.

However, we are constantly improving the Data Migration Tool (see the Changelog for more details); so the migration efforts are continuously decreasing.